Breast Implant Pain After 10 Years

I had my implants put in 10 years ago due to self...

I had my implants put in 10 years ago due to self esteem issues. After having children my breast just shrunk to nothing.

The pros totally out weighed the cons because I felt better about myself. But now it's time to have them replaced or removed. That one I am still kicking around. Plus cost plays an important role.

I had implants 10 years ago and need to get them re-done. My question is, why do I still get pain in one nipple or in a spot on the side of the breast? It doesn't happen all the time just one in a great while. I seem to have more issues with one breast over the other.

Kelly, First I would recommend you to have a mammogram if you are over the age of 40 or have a strong family history. With that said, the symptoms you are describing are not atypical of breast augmentation. It usually relates to the implant "irritating" the sensory nerves that run over the implant. Continued pain or increasing firmness can be indicative of a condition known as capsular contracture (continued scarring around the implant). I wish you the best. Michael Spann.

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