Lipotherme on Neck/chin with Minimal Results So Far (3 Weeks)

I was fortunate to get lipotherme for free on my...

I was fortunate to get lipotherme for free on my neck and chin area because a plastic surgeon I know wanted to demo the procedure and see how well it works before he implements it in his practice. The website required me to put in a price of at least $100, and I don't know how much the price would normally be.

It's been three weeks today and both the doctor and I agree that we can see only a very minimal difference, if that. I also work for another plastic surgeon, and he is less than impressed. I'm not disappointed because I didn't pay for it and because I went in with ZERO expectations, but if I had been a "regular" patient I would be very upset (at this point, at least).

The procedure itself was completely painless and took about 30 minutes. I went back to work immediately afterward and never even took so much as a Tylenol. I was swollen and tender (like a bruise) for several days, but nothing I couldn't easily handle. It was a little embarassing to be at work with the compression garment around my head for two days, but I just put a scarf around it and held my head high. I also had a very large nodule develop at one of the incision sites, but it went away with massage.

We took "before" pictures the day before and have taken several "after" pictures since then. Despite the disappointing results so far we still feel optimistic and are hoping we'll see a more noticeable difference at my next visit at four weeks. I will post updates as necessary.


Hi. I just had a few questions for you about your doctor's experience with Lipotherme. Had your Dr ever been trained (formal training class)to use the Lipotherme or had he ever done the procedure before? Do you know how much energy (joules) the Dr used during your chin procedure? Were you treated with the laser in any other area with different results? Did you gain any weight after you had your chin done? I just ask these questions to get a better understanding of why you had the results you did. Based on your responses, I may be able to help you to understand it better.
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Well, unfortunately I had my official four week post-op visit last week and there was NO change. The surgeon and I scrutinized the pics and both determined that I looked exactly the same; there wasn't even the minimal difference that I was wishing for. The surgeon was very disappointed as well, and is going to talk to the company about possible reasons for my lack of results. If another procedure is available, he did tell me he would do it for me. With that said, I see on here that many folks have had great results. I am so jealous! ;-)
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He is a wonderful surgeon. I'm just not sold on the procedure itself.

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