SmartLipo - Liposuction Was the Biggest Mistake of my Life!

Don’t risk the quality of your life with this...

Don’t risk the quality of your life with this unnecessary medical procedure!

I had smart lipo in Costa Mesa,CA, and I have had nothing but trouble. Infection, very painful, horrible brusing and within one month of the procedure on my lower abs I developed a double hernia, which required more operations. I have many new spider veins and cherry hemangiomas, damage to nerve endings, blotchy skin and uncontrollable weight loss.

I regret ever having the procedure, and it was the biggest mistake of my life! Leave well enough alone, and if diet and exercise don’t work be happy with the way you are!

Final Inches

They make it sound so safe and easy, but liposuction is a serious medical procedure with many risks. I just hope I can help someone else avoid the mistake I made. I would give anything to have my life back the way it was!

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I had SmartLipo at a Spa in which I had gone to for years. I trusted and believed in them to tell me the truth. I had terrible results, along with a hernia that will require surgery with anesthesia, in which is the reason why I chose SmartLipo over regular Lipo, you don't have to be put under anesthesia. If I can just save one person from all this pain, suffering and mutilation of the body, I hope taking the time to write this will help. Don't do it! I was rather be fat than disfigured! Wouldn't you?
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Sorry to hear that. I am planning to do it at the same center. Can you tell me who did your lipo at this center?
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Wow, I'm sorry for you that your procedure went so wrong. It seems evident that you had an inept doctor as it sounds like they must have perforated your abdominal wall since you ended up with hernias, in addition to the other problems. I had my procedure done a little over 3 weeks ago and have had virtually no ill effects. My doctor was very gentle; no infections, very little bruising and very little pain. I wish you well in your recovery.
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I'm sorry to hear you had a bad experience but to say "Don’t risk the quality of your life with this unnecessary medical procedure!" is unfair. I had my procedure done just under two weeks ago and LOVE my results. I wasn't unhappy with who I was before. Most people on this board are happy with their results (hence the 75% recommendation level).
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