Scars from Lipo

My scars are a little too high even though i was...

my scars are a little too high even though i was told they would be hidden underneath my panties, how can I improve the look of my scars. I plan to wear low rise jeans, bikini in the future, the scars are too obvious...

Sorry that your doc did that to you! Like the others posted, there are various things you can put on your scars to help make them less visible. It takes awhile and you need to be faithful about applying them. I know this may seem radical, but a really good plastic surgeon can make an old, large scar almost disappear by re-doing them - and he/she should be able to tell you just what to expect post-op - and NOT do it if they weren't able to improve things. They can also recommend the best product to apply. As you probably know already, you always need to be very careful for awhile post-op especially on the abdomen. We heal differently on different parts of our bodies.
try Kelocote i heard it works well on both old scars and prevent new ones. good luck
make yourself up a concoction of Vitamin E oil and Grapeseed Oil and rub in on multiple times a day.
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