Recovery - Stomach Still Has Ridges After 3 Weeks

Didnt mind the actual treatment just didnt think...

Didnt mind the actual treatment just didnt think it would take so long to recover. The doctor was very professional and I am pleased with the results so far I didnt think it would take so long to get back to normal.

After 3 weeks should my stomach still have ridges in it that are hard and a bit sore and swollen after some hard work. Has anyone had this problem?
It took almost a year for the ridges to go.I am really happy with the results.Keep wearing the garment for as long as possible.The pain is only bruising and will go soon as its only a short while ago that you had it done.

I have had a second lot of lipo done on my thighs and hips and the recovery was very short,so maybe the stomach just takes a bit longer
Thank you Marguerita. That definitely makes me feel better. I'm having lymphatic drainage massage this weekend. I hope that helps to hasten the process.
I had abdominal lipo 2 1/2 weeks ago. My stomach is flat, but it has wrinkles and hard ridges. I know some of this may improve, but I'm afraid my overall result is not going to be optimal. :( I am also still in a lot of pain. It's taking quite a while for me to recover as well. Did you finally see good results?
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