Neck Lipo Noticable Deep Indentation

I had lipo of the neck three years ago. Due to...

I had lipo of the neck three years ago. Due to genetics I have a weak jaw and chin so I had a "double chin".

Unfortunatly there is an indentation under my chin that makes the jowl area on the right side of my face look very pronounced. I am extremly self conscience about this and when I asked the doctor about this he said nothing could be done.

Overall the neck lipo did improve the "double chin" and I do have a neck line. I'm just not crazy about the indentation it left under my chin!

Is there a filler that can be put in the indentation or maybe a neck lift can be done to elimanate the look of heavy jowls? I'm 38 years old and am healthy with fairly decent elasticity in my skin.
A true careful analysis is needed to identify the real case. It could be fat the can be suctioned or real jowles that may need some sort of face lift.Make sur the evaluation is done by a BOARD CERTIFIED PLASTIC SURGEON
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Did not address my concerns

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