Liposuction to Chin and Neck Area

I had chin and neck lipo done 19 days ago . I have...

I had chin and neck lipo done 19 days ago . I have always had a double chin, even as a teen. I just thought it was time to finally and hopefully get rid of it at the age of 42.

I have been wearing a compression garment this whole time. My surgeon has asked me to wear it as tightly as i could stand it and I still have swelling in my chin and neck.

Is there such a thing as wearing the Compression Garment for too long, or too tight? I also have some hard bands extending from the chin down the neck, which make it difficult to extend my neck. Is this normal?

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Hi who was your doctor ?
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I had lipo on chin, jowls, neck 2 days ago; The band seems to be making creases on the side of my mouth worse. IS it just swelling or I am wearing the band wrong; Cant talk to my dr for 2 more days
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I have had exactly the same thing happen to me. I had chin lipo 2 weeks ago. However, I only wore the compression garment for 5 1/2 days. I saw my doctor on the 6th day and he said I no longer needed to use the compression garment since my swelling and bruising were minimal. I cannot extend my neck fully when looking up; I also have tight bands on my neck when I try. Actually, it looks like tight bands in a sort of diamond shape w/little bulges within the diamonds. The contour of my chin is better but I am worried about the inability to extend my neck all the way.
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I have read that often scar tissue develops along the neck, which is actually credited as an advantage later because this scar tissue may minimize future "turkey neck". I too had neck lipo and have noticed a tightness under my chin which makes it difficult to lift my head all the way up. Not sure if this is "normal".
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You may want to check out the doctor answers to:

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