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Lipo for Body Contouring - Worried About Trusting the Same Doctor for Touch-ups

I went in for body-conrouring to improve some...

i went in for body-conrouring to improve some areas, ended up fixing 1 minor problem, but adding 4 other problems. i would not have done, had i known what i know now !!!

I had my first surgery, an ultrasound liposuction done 4 months ago, I was left with unevenness, discoloration, skin tightness in some areas and looseness in other areas, and worst of all, my hip / butt-side is caved-in ???!!!! An area that wasn’t supposed to be touched, but it’s where the incision is!!! Go figure…negative contouring! …….I was a size 4-6, relatively in good shape and supposedly a good candidate for the procedure!!!

My doctor suggested waiting another 2 months for touch-ups!!!

Should I trust him to do the touch-up?? Could this be corrected? How do you select the right doctor, beyond the obvious?? I did my due diligence interviewing many doctors, asking the right questions, getting references, but didn’t end up with a diligent surgeon??? Appreciate your response.
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he's not been available after the surgery, nurses are not knowlegable, i felt like a number.

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WHY basically is hardly anyone not posting Dr's names. so long as you are only stating their names and your opinion of your result, rather then making comments about them, should be no legal issues. the purpose of this thing is to give everyone tools to do their research, I feel like I'm having to do it with one arm tied.
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I have had the same kind of results. One PS left me with divots and I went to another PS to repair this and it looks worse. I have such regrets. I live in Dallas and would really like to know who did this to you. I am considering trying to get some opinions for revision. We have a boat and I am embarassed to even put on a bathing suit.
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I would not go to the same doctor for a revision. I would get a second, third, and fourth opinion. Even if you have to spend more money on a revision, it is best rather than going to the same surgeon who did a horrible job. Who was your surgeon?
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If you're worried about your doctor, it can't hurt to get a second opinion. You don't necessarily have to choose that doctor, but it sounds like you need reassurance about whether your doctor's touch-up plan is a good one.

You can find board-certified docs in our Dallas liposuction directory.

Good luck. :)

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