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Abdominal Lipo Recovery

I had abdominal laser lipo. I have normal BMI and...

I had abdominal laser lipo. I have normal BMI and was looking to get a flat tummy with no side fat. I was told that was easy and almost pain free. This was not the case! I was also told I could run etc,. by day 3.. not so.

I was wondering what I can do to speed the recovery. I am 10 days out and still am sore with bumps. I am doing some massage to keep scat tissue away. Any other ideas?

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So- it has been a year, are you satisfied with the results? I am 5'5 and weigh 118lbs but unfortunately store what little fat I have as "muffin top and love handles" and am now really checking into liposuction vs smartlipo. What is PAL? Any info is appreciated. Thanks!
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I had PAL, a bit more traumatic to the body then what Smart Lipo is supposed to be, I thought I would be ready to go back to work with only one day off, heck, I only took off 3 weeks when I had my son, but boy was I glad I did not have to go back. I had my surgery on Wednesday got to lay around Thur and Fri, had to go into the office for a few hours on Saturday and was very happy to get back home to rest. I returned to my regular hours on Monday, but moved very slow. I was able to cover up my awkwardness and no one seemed to notice. I was put under a general, I am not a wimp by any means, but I would NOT have wanted to be awake during the surgery. Caring for 3 children after 3 days...you can probably do it, but I would not lift the baby anymore than you absolutely have to. Getting the kids to understand they cannot run and jump on you or crawl and lay on top of you is difficult. Everyone responds differently, I would at least recommend a stand by person to help you if needed. My husband and son had to help me get up for about 5 days after surgery. Good luck
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Hi. Im scheduled to get laser lipo on my stomach in two weeks. Now that Im reading this Im scared that the pain during the procedure will be bad. I have three children and one 5 month old baby. Will I be able to care for them after three days? Im doing the laser lipo not the normal lipo either. Did you get oral sedation? Like Valum or whatever? Any information would be appreciated.
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The procedure is painful, more discomfort but definitely painful. After the surgery they will give you some pain meds, make sure you eat it with something or you will get nausea. However, after the meds kick in (Assuming you didn't take Xanax and weren't put to sleep) you will feel great. Sleeping the first day is easy as the numbing fluid is still in. Also walking feels awesome too. In three days you will be able to care for your children. You'll be sore, but it's bearable. Just don't drive under pain killers because they make you tired and a little wonky at first (Vicodin did anyway.) If liposuction is something you truly want, and you have realistic expectations, I say it's worth it! Be patient, ask lots of questions about the compression garment, and try to walk more (Trust me it feels awesome). Good luck.
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I am just now 5 weeks out and am feeling pretty good. I still have some small bruises on my thighs. I was sore for about 3 weeks and the thigh bruises were the worst. I started working out again at 3 weeks post-op...well I did some light stuff prior to this, but I went with a normal work out at 3 weeks. I wish these docs would stop telling people there is no pain, it is surgery and they have no way of knowing how one person to the next is going to react to an invasive procedure. For recovery, do massage as much as possible, it will hurt, but that is most important. Take some Bromelain and drink lots and lots of H2O. Do light workouts to get the lymph moving. This should help.
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