Vaser Lipo Wrap (Large) on Belly Area

I chose to undergo Lipo because most of my adult...

I chose to undergo Lipo because most of my adult life (aprox every other month) people asked me, "when are you due" or did you have your baby?" It was getting to the point where I came home crying and couldn't stop. These are usually people who are younger or older asking; how could I get mad? Still it hurt deeply.

I look very young (I'm actually only 41yrs) and I am very narrow so everything sat in the belly area and after I had my son it just got worse. I will admit, I could have done more to minimize this but after while I just got so tired of the social problem of people looking and treating me like I was pregnant that I didn't even want to go out anymore. SERIOUSLY! AND most likely 50% of it was in my head just from years of questions.

This is NOT a pain free procedure and anyone that says it is is lying! It's very weird and painful - if you do the kind that doesn't put you under. I chose to be awake because I didn't want to deal with the extra cost of a hospital stay. I had about 8lbs of fat taken and about 3lbs of fluid. I let the tumescent fluid drain out of me for four days and I am wearing my compression garment - another uncomfortable commitment for this procedure.

For me lipo was my only option to get rid of the fat in front of me. The fat was uncomfortable and it caused many issues for me. I am not obese and I am not getting lipo anywhere else on my body in the future.

All my coworkers have noticed something different about me, some know and some don't. My son doesn't know specifically what I did but he has said, 'mom you look taller' or "mom you lost more weight." I will try to say more in a couple of weeks. It's only been 6 days.

Anybody who says vaser laser is worth it must be either working for the company or indeed lucky. Absolutely useless treatment look worse than before..would not touch it again or recommend it in the slightest.
make sure it is sister lives in korea also and they keep saying lipo to her,that is different.I did this 9/3/09,love it.under a local anstesia,and they gave me 2 seditaves.Hurt but not really that bad,nothing like the pain of breast augmentation.I deff. see results.I still have some mild discomfort.I only needed pain meds for 24 hrs. after surjery.Iam happy,but nothing will get rid of all my stretch marks from having 3 kids.I was 5'6,and 132lbs the day of.5 weeks later still the same weight,but the hump off of my lower ab is GONE.
I will be having a similiar procedure on my stomach in Korea. I found a doctor who specializes in only doing lipo. He will do it along with an abdominalplasty. My only concern has been that he says it'll be done in the his office surgical unit, which I have viewed and found to be sanitary, under a type of local anesthesia (I think he said local). He said that it'll be just like I'm sleeping and not a heavy anesthesia. I was also worried about waking up or being in that paralyzed awake state and having nightmares about it later. But it sounds like you had the same kind of procedure - but with a lot of pain afterwards. If anyone has any further information about this, I'd be grateful for it.
Dr. Su

Even though I felt a lot of pain the Dr. and his team had such great demeanors that I felt like I could get through. They were thoughtful and diligent. I never felt ignored and since I have a great sense of humor we all clicked. I'm not sure others would feel the same. This is not a pain free procedure and anyone that says it is is lying. PERIOD!

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