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Ultrasonic Lipo Thighs and Knees

I am nervous about the results of my treatment. I...

I am nervous about the results of my treatment. I am 4 weeks out and still have a lot of swelling and I notice my skin is a little loose and wrinkly, so I am really hoping that it will tighten up with time.

I have always been bottome heavy and wanted my bottom half to match my smaller upper half after much dieting and excercise I could not get rid of my large thighs and knees, so I chose lipo.

If anyone has had ultrasonic lipo of thigh and knee area how long did you wear your compression garment? How long did the swelling last and did you notice skin tightening happened gradually or not at all?
I wore my compression garment religiously for 6 weeks. I had hips/thighs/calves done. I am about 10 weeks post op now and my skin around my calves is a bit loose yet and I still have some hard spots around my ankles and lower back. I think you almost need a second recovery period after the compression garment comes off.
I do not have any bruising left but still have the feeling of bruising. I do feel well other than I am sick of the swelling and wearing my compression garment.

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The two doctors that responded have said you aren't likely to see full results for 4-6 months. Before then, it's could still be residual swelling.

Are you still bruised or do you feel "recovered" otherwise?

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