Prefer SmartLipo over Regular Lipo for Abdomen

I had SmartLipo performed on my Abdomen in...

I had SmartLipo performed on my Abdomen in September of 2008. I chose SmartLipo over traditional Lipo because with Smartlipo, they use a laser along with the liposuction. The laser helps with skin tightening and it melts the fat at the same time. So when the Dr. was doing the lipo, it was coming out liquidy instead of chunky.

The best part about smartlipo also was that I didnt have to be put to sleep for it. The Dr. gave me oral sedation for pain and he really toke his time and he made me feel comfortable. His staff was very attenative also. It was easy. I was very nervous when i fist came in but the staff and my Dr. really seemed to go out of their way to make sure I was comfortable. I cant wait to get another area done!


Whats the PAL lipo? Who was your Dr?
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I had smartLipo and the fact that was not completely put to sleep was good. However, the results were terrible because I did not notice any change in my abs. I've now resulted to the PAL Lipo and it seems that the results may be there. I'm only at the third day.
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I did talk about all the risks with my doctor and he was very honest about all the possible risks. He said there is always a chance, but that is why mulitple areas are not done at the same time. There are always limits to how much local anesthea can be used at any given time.
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I have recommended so many of my friends for the smartlipo. They all have been more then satisfied!

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