Breast Reduction and Lipo Have Left Me Feeling Confident

I had liposuction on my abs at the same time as a...

I had liposuction on my abs at the same time as a breast reduction. The reduction was needed to reduce back/neck strain and allow me to progress with more physical activity in my weight loss. I added liposuction because I was concerned that my stomach touble spot would really stick out after a breast reduction. I didn't want depression over that to set in while I was happy to get the much needed breast reduction. I am overweight and didn't by any means expect a big difference in my stomach. The idea was to retain the same silhouette I had before surgery. So far, 2 months out in recovery I am happy with the result.

Can I use a slender tone belt to firm abs 2 months in my recovery?

Try it, see how it feels. If you have irritation then stop. You should be fine though to resume full work out activities. Hopefully you are using other methods though then the slendertone belt.
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I am waiting for complete recovery to rule on this question.

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