Combo Ultrasound Lipo & Smart Lipo - I Look Worst Than What I Use to

I had trouble areas with body fat thats why I...

I had trouble areas with body fat thats why I chose to have smart lipo. The doctor recomended ultralipo to remove the fat and smartlipo to tighten the skin.

I was very painfull> Its been two months and im still swollen I look worst than before

Hello; I had a combination of ultrasound lipo and smart lipo performed in my abdominal area and my love handles, its been already two months since the surgery and im still swollen. My doctor told me thats normal, it would go down with time, but what worries me the most is that in the lower part of my abdomen, exactly bellow my bellybottom a pouch has formed feels like it doesnt belong to my body and whatever is inside (liquid, fat) has concentrade in that section, looks horrible. Is that normal? How much longer should I wait to see the results? They told me to have endermology applied to the areas, is that going to help?
John W Chang

Did not follow trought with the contract. Went on vacation next day of the surgery without notifying me as a patient before the procedure. Did not care about my concern on forming keloids and made cuts very visible. Burned one of the insicions.

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An ultrasound will detrmine if it is fluid collection. If so a drain is inserted under ultrsound guidance. If it is fat a revision is needed. make sure your surgeon is a BOARD CERTIFIED PS
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It's possible that you formed a pocket of fluid there that may need to be drained. You should check back with your provider on this. Swelling can take 4-6 months to dissipate completely.
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When you say he did not follow the contract what did you mean by this? I just had procedure by same surgeon.
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Did your surgeon perform the open drainage method? Mine did and I massaged my areas to make the fluid drain even faster. Im 1 week and 2 days post op. Im still swollen but not that swollen anymore. Everyones body is different. I know my doc was surprised to see that most of my swelling was gone at two weeks. he even told me to change garments! Even most of my swelling is gone a lot is still there! You can see the difference on my pic from the 4 days post op to the recent on on the right!
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My surgeon did the open drainage method. He told me I had about 30% of the swelling left at my one week follow-up. I got the impression that he was impressed with my progress.
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