Great Results on Hips, Thighs & Calves So Far, but Worried About the Little Things...

Had Liposuction on hips, outer thighs, and calves...

Had Liposuction on hips, outer thighs, and calves 8 weeks ago to make me more proportionate with my upper body. I was of normal weight, but a bit pear-shaped.

Pro: Clothes fit MUCH better--went down 1 size. Have a new zest for exercise and eating a bit better. Hips/thighs have much smoother shape and calves are a bit more proportionate. At this point, I have lost 2 inches on the waist, 2 inches on the hips and thighs, and 1 inch on each calf.

Cons: The compression garment. I was considered high volume, so I had to wear it 24 hours a day for 6 weeks. Going to the bathroom in it was terrible the first week when I was not allowed to take it off for any reason. Second con--the price; $9K for 3 areas.

How long does residual bruising last? I have lines on the top of my thighs and abdomen where the topifoam ended under my compression garment. I stopped needing the topifoam 7 weeks ago but the lines are still there.
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Susan, Who did you go to? I'm scheduled for Tumescent lipo on April 21st.
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My thighs were visibly bruised for 6-7 weeks post-op. In the first couple of follow-up visits, the staff was shocked to say the least in regards to the amount of bruising I had on my thighs, but the doc said he really worked my thighs. I don't know if the volume of fat removed is so much an indication of how long to wear the garment, I am 11 weeks post op today and still wear my garment, do I need to? Probably not, but I don't find it to be terrible. Yes it is a hassle for going to the bathroom. I devised a system for that though that makes me feel like my grandma, lol that always jeri-rigs some contraption. I used a kitchen funnel to pee into to avoid getting the garment wet from urine. It is silly, but they are small enough to fit in your purse when out and about or at work and it keeps your clothes dry. For bowel movements, it is just best to pull down the garment in my opinion. Oh the things we woman talk about. :) :)
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I've also read that you can use a 2L bottle with the bottom cut out as a cheap funnel - saves your kitchen gadgets. :)

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Hi Susan,

I've seen bruising vary wildly, but this Q&A should help give you a general idea: How long will bruising last after Liposuction?

Hope that helps!

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