8 Weeeks Post Smart Lipo, Doesn't Look Like my Body is Responding

I did it because I got tired of the blubber...

I did it because I got tired of the blubber hanging over my pants. I got tired of buying big tops.

I had smart lipo done approx, 8 weeks ago,upper,lower, loves and am not convinced this was a wise choice. i don't see any difference, nor does my body look like it is going to look any difference. I am swollen, the pants I could wear prior I can wear but not fasten.

I am depressed now because I spent $5900.00 and it doesn't look like my body is ever going to get the way I want it.

Is there a such thing as not being the right candidate? I am thinking a tummy tuck would've been better, I believe I would have seen the results.
Your BOARD CERTIFIED PS should have given you all the options, alternatives and what to expect from each. Our role as plastic surgeon id to educate the patients then together we make the right decision that fits their needs and desires. If you still have excess skin folds youcan undergo abdominoplasty(TUMMY TUCK), and get the result you desire. make sure you choose a BOARD CERTIFIED PS. Smart lipo might not be the answer to every body
Thanx for your response. He did not discuss options, but led me to believe smart lipo is the same results as a Tummy Tuck without the down time. He led me to believe that it will tighten the skin as it heals, but so far I don't see a difference. The receptionist showed me her before and after pictures that were suppose to have been done there, but her results in 3months is great improvement, I don't know if the difference is I am an African American 47 yrs. old, and she is a European 44 yrs. old, does the color of the skin react differently? Thanx for any response. I also have one side which is flatter than the other, the question is do I want to go throught the pain of recovering if they have to do a touch up, and the touch up will not get my abs the look I want.
WOW!!! Really, Thanx I hadn't heard that one. I live in my garment at night, and some sort ot pressure garment by day, usually a high brief garment. I almost get the look I want when i wear the garment, I don't want to do any to slow down progress, because i need all the help I can get.I look at myself in the mirror, and it deffinately looks like a tummy tuck would've been better. i did have a consult done before I chose smart lipo, but was told when I got my smart lipo i would get the same results without the same down time and cheaper. I see now an extra $1500.00 I could've had he tummy tuck done, and been happier. I will see what comes of this because I am not going to walk away with these results I am seeing thus far.
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It's too early for me to say whether or not I would recommend, i will give it atleast 3 months to see a difference

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