Breast Augmentation, "Mini" Tummy Tuck and Liposuction - 5.5 Weeks Post-Op - Look Great But Still In A Lot of Pain

I had breast augmentation, a "mini"...

I had breast augmentation, a "mini" tummy tuck and liposuction of my flanks 5 and a half weeks ago.

I had no bruising whatsoever and have no pain in my breasts or tummy area anymore. Also, my swelling has gone down dramatically in the last two weeks and the results look great. However, my flanks and lower back are still VERY painful! It hurts to wear anything but sweatpants and by the end of the day I can barely move it's so sore and tender. I've worn a compression garment 24/7 other than to shower. I have a pretty high pain tolerance and I'm surprised by just how much pain I'm in. Wondering if anyone had a similar procedure and how long I can expect this to last?

Targatina - I'm 7 weeks post-op today and the pain is getting better. It's mostly just extremely sensitive now. There is a spot on my upper left flank that is still particularly painful and still looks a bit swollen. I went back to my doctor this past week and he ruled out an infection or other serious cause, so I guess now it's just a waiting game to see when that resolves. Best of luck to you!!
I had the same ops but a full TT and am only 3 weeks post op and I am finding the same thing. Dresses and baggy high waisted pants only. My flanks are so sore, especialy when I need to spend so much time on my back because of the other ops. Hopefully this eases soon and someone can give us some hope :)
Hi! Did you have liposuction on your lower back or is the back pain from something else?

Update:  I'm now 8.5 weeks out and the pain...

Update:  I'm now 8.5 weeks out and the pain has improved dramatically.  I still have a swollen, very tender area on my left hip and some numbness and pain in my lower back, but it's down to a very tolerable level of discomfort.  Most importantly, it's reassuring that the pain is now getting better and not worse!  I've since been in to see my PS and was very happy with his high level of responsiveness and honest assessment of my concerns.   I think I wrongly assumed that because the lipo was just a very small amount, that the pain and recovery would also be shortened.  Um, wrong!   I'm hoping that  by Christmas I'll be able to say it was worth it... :)

I'm 8 weeks out on the love handles and they're still sore and numb. Had lower abs done 6 weeks ago and still slight soreness. I think for some people, it does take much longer to fully heal. I can say that the results are totally worth it. I saw dramatic results after 3 weeks. I went to Final Inches in So Cal and they did an excellent job. I can tolerate the soreness in exchange for how I look like! :-) Wearing the garment longer does help and I feel better b/c of it.

It's now been 3.5 months since surgery and I...

It's now been 3.5 months since surgery and I can finally say it was worth it!  I still have some slight sensitivity on my left flank, but I often forget about it for hours at a time and most importantly it's been slowly but surely improving.  

I had a full tummy tuck with liposuction on my hips and upper tummy 6and half weeks ago. Had no pain really only when i cough on new belly button. Had bruising on hips but none on my upper tummy dont understand why? The results look great on tummy tuck and hips but i feel no difference to upper tummy feel like it looks bigger or the swelling from tummy tuck has gone up to upper tummy, can anyone explain why or anyone found this has happened to them. Everyone keeps making fun at me saying you got a top belly now lol x
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