I had a five centimer removal in the office of a...

I had a five centimer removal in the office of a plastic surgeon ten days ago. It was in the groin area and as you all have written came back non cancerous. Two days after surgery I complained of a burning pain in the area of the lipoma removal. I was told this would go away. It has not it has gotten worse. The plastic surgeon who operated on me said she did not know what to do so she sent me to another plastic surgeon who injected the area with a one step above lidicaine medecine( I was told it would last longer than lidocain) I now notice upon standing in and looking at the site there is a small sac at the bottem of the incision actually where I am complaining of where the pain is coming from It is about the size of a half dollar. I noticed this because I was told bu the dr who operated on me that i should massage the area. Upon trying this technique it started the burning pain all over .. I stopped asap Also the area in not infected, I had a 14 inch black and blue mark long and 12 inch wide. I cant sit for very long, Cant walk for very long, the only pain releif I get is when I lie on my back with 2 pillows under my leg. I am hoping that this is enough information to answer the question

Is this normal,I realize normal is hard ro define.? What is causing this and since tww plastic surgeons cant give me a diagnosis what is it. and finally when if ever will it go away and what suggestions do you have for follow up care. The plastic surgeon says I can go in every couple of days and get a shot I APPERCIATE ANY INFO


I had a lipoma removed from under my left shoulder blade on six days ago and the pain appears to be getting worse! I have tried all pain killers I can get my hands on but they are doing nothing. The surgeon gave me no advise at all and I was so stunned after the procedure I asked nothing - terrible experience!
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This does not sound normal. I've had a few lipomas removed and at worst I experienced bruising. I have never been told to "massage" a recently excised lipoma area. Also, the Dr. is supposed to give you antibiotics for the first 2-3 days following surgery. Seek another (better) doctor ASAP.
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