Lipo Lumps 6 Months Later

Mydoctoe explained that I may have some lumps on...

Mydoctoe explained that I may have some lumps on my stomach for up to six months. He was very clear about this. However, he also said that they would go away and the odds of them staying were slim. My follow ups were very positive he and I were happy with overall shaping of the area.

I did the procedure because of stubborn belly fat that would not go away no matter what I did. Not sure now whether it was worth it.

I had this procedure done 6 months ago. I still have lumps. Will they ever go away? How can i get them to go away?


This related thread from another RealSelf user, who has lumps one year after LipoDissolve, might help: Lumps a year after Lipodissolve

The doctor who responded advises a few different treatments that may help resolve the lumps.

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I had lipodissolve done over the past two years. The lumps go away for the most part, but I have my doubts as to whether or not the medication is still in my system. I developed a blood clot in my eye about a year after having it done, and went blind, and now I have a blood clotting disorder. I truly believe that this procredure caused me to have this auto immune disease. I can still sometimes feel the medicine under my skin and that is after a year. I also developed a stomach ulcer and my doctor told me that I have Lupus. I was healthy before this procedure. I would never in a million years do this again and I can't believe that it is legal in the US. How can it be legal if the FDA has not approved it? I made a huge mistake not taking these potential risks seriously. But I also don't believe that they tell you up front that they simply don't know if this can hurt you or not. I know in my gut that this is how I got this inflammatory disease -because of lipodissolve. I just pray to God that the medicine somehow leaves my body eventually. Nothing is worth losing your health or having to take blood thinners for the rest of your life (like me) because you wanted to get rid of a little jiggle. I wish that I had just gotten a trainer to work those areas instead. Now I might not even be able to have kids because it is too risky with this disorder. I urge everyone considering this treatment to think again.
In response to your question about how it can be used when not FDA approved, you have to understand that the it does not matter what the FDA approves or not, because even a drug that is approved by the FDA to be used in a specific way, once approved can be used in almost anyway a particular doctor sees fit. Phosphatidylcholine is a derived from soy and is found in animal, including human cell membranes. It is available at most health food stores. It can be taken in capsule form and is usually indicated for memory and brain health. It is very safe when taken this way. Deoxycholate is bile salt produced by the liver. These are the ingredients in lipodissolve. Now, these 2 components alone are not the issue, the issue comes then compounding pharmacist mix the two. The problem is that no 2 people are alike and the amounts of these components would be different based on the patients vitals. Another issue with this product is that other ingredients get mixed in and then, who knows what you get. I understand everyones dismay with this product and I would never do it, I went with lipo. But you have to remember that being FDA approved really means nothing. If you take vitamin-C, or a multi vitamin, those are not FDA approved, it is rare for someone to have an issue with a multi vitamin and if they do, it is usually a personal sensitivity and all you have to do is switch brands. The key issue is in how the product is being used. Good luck to anyone who has had this procedure and hopefully women (mostly) will stop doing this.
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I have the results I wanted as far as shape. He explained I would have lumps until I heal. I just don't know how long that will be if ever.

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