Swelling and Weight Fluctuation Post-op on Love Handles

Just finished my last treatment and am really...

just finished my last treatment and am really swollen.... my weight has gone up just 3 days after this last session. I had love handles that I couldn't get rid of.

Is this new weight gain from the swelling....will it go away????????

I had my first lipodissolve treatment 2 weeks ago by a qualified MD with an RN administering the injections. I received 180 injections in my lower abdominal area. Not too bad, but the worst was yet to come. The pain was about 8 out 10, swelling,of course, hard, did not sleep at all! It difficult and painful to move in bed, as well as sitting down and using the bathroom was the worst.I had 4 near fainting episodes within the first 12 hours. I am a RN and went to work 3 days later, hmm not easy as I am on my feet for 12 hours. I experienced a lot of swelling in to my pelvic area down to my labia, not a nice feeling.
Today the swelling has resolved, my abdomen itches, is still tender, my skin feels somewhat numb and my belly still looks the same. I was told the process takes 6 weeks to complete. I am hoping to see some results.
I just got my first treatment on the 16th of March 2010. I measure 2.5 inches larger 6 days later. I am getting scared and trying not to be affected by how I look and feel. Overall yes sore but nothing I couldn't handle. It seems many other people must have lower pain tolerances.
How was your last treatments? Are you still getting them? I need to lose 67 pounds. Do you recommend this procedure? Did your swelling go down when they said it would? Do you have any regrets?
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Very compassionate and informative!!! Everyone there is soooo kind and helpful!!!

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