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This will be breif as it is a touchy subject for...

This will be breif as it is a touchy subject for me. PLEASE do NOT get this done. I hade it done over a year ago it was the worst experience I have ever had. It was painful, sore and then became lumpy mmmmm real nice. My husband had to massage these lumps every noght for a year until they faded. This did not work. Fat cells do not blow up it is a lie. if this was the case and all the fat melted with one needle then it would work wouldnt it.

Now all those cases or reviews that say it did work DO NOT LISTEN as the results would have been from DIET AND EXERCISE altheration not the stupid needle. I have conatcted my local television station and I am hoping they do a story on this to prevent ANYONE from not only wasting ver 3000 dollars but going through the pain and uncomfort for months on end.

There is no QUICK FIX PEOPLE.........I am against liposuction but should have just spent the money on that as thew pain probably would have been the same but healed quicker.

This needs to be taken off the market.

If you by chance like me read the reviews but want to try it for yourself anyway PLEASE pick someone that knows what they are doing as my doctor injected to WRONG are and I was also UNEVEN had to go back and get him to re do thighs yesssss can you believe it..........

Take the 3000 doallrs and go on a holiday seriously.
If i had the choice I would have rather donated my 3000 dollars to the RSPCA...


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This Procedure has RUINED my Life!! I had this done on my very lower abdomen. (Small Area!) I got so sick within in 24 hrs. I had to see a ENT. Then a "CDC" I got Mono! I have a auto immune disease. I was a personal trainer, So active. Fun, loved to do everything W/ My husband, and yorkie. Now I Hurt so much within my bones, and muscles. I can't go back to the gym. I catch every little virus going around. I am prety much Home bound! I feel so bad for my husband. He has been so good through all of this. My friend that had it done is also very sick. it seems to attack the weakest part of you. her kidney's and liver got so bad. She almost died. I did talk to another doctor. he said, he had patient's coming in W/ petrified legs. there was nothing to do for it. I heard they were in alot of pain also. I'm happy for the people that liked it. I just warn anyone thinking about it!! I went to a Plastic surgeon. (Well respected) Just Beware!!
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I don't know who did your procedure or where you had it done but I can tell you that your results are NOT typical. I am 63 years old and I have had 2 of my 4 treatments done and I can already tell a difference. Yes, you should espect lumps, that's the fat dissolving. They should NOT last a year. You should ask for your money back. You obviously used someone other than a licensed lipodissolve doctor. I hate that you are making negative comments about this procedure when it can be so helpful to thousands of people.
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Fortunately you are one of the FEW that have had positive results so far. Most of the feedback on this site is negative because people have had VERY bad results, results that have left them deformed. This product is NOT approved for this purpose. Besides you really should wait a bit longer than a few weeks and only being 1/2 way through before you give accolades to such a product. I personally talked with 5 cosmetic surgeons and 2 medical doctors that practice natural medicine 1 of which at one time offered the procedure, yet he highly suggested not doing it and he had stopped because of the extremely poor results as well as the severe after effects. I hope you continue to have good results but telling someone to not post their opinion and experience on a website that is intended just for that reason is irresponsible and really sounds as if you have an interest in marketing this unsafe product.
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One other thing BJ, telling someone here that their results are not typical just proves that you have not spent much time at all on this site. Because if you had, you would see that the majority of people have had very similar results to the original poster. Your one post on this site only offers your own experience and proves you have not participated on this great site. You are not a scholar on this procedure and should not be criticizing someone who has had a dramatic negative experience. Again, I hope the best for you and most importantly I hope that your enthusiasm now does not turn into something terrible.
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This really is a bad product. I consulted a doctor that does it and he even discouraged me from doing it. I saved and had lipo. I was working out at 3 weeks post-op though I still had soreness, but I love my results. Lipo is very effective if you put in the post op effort and there is no major difference in cost especially when you consider the lifelong issues associated with lipodissolve.
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I completely agree with you! I still have lumps and discoloring on my outer thighs and it's been over 2 years.
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