Lipdissolve, Do Not Recommend. (4'11" and 105 Lbs)

I am 4'11" and 105 lbs. From prior wt. loss,...

I am 4'11" and 105 lbs. From prior wt. loss, still had belly fat. The doctor I was working for decided to train in this procedure. He was trained by a reputable doctor. So, I decided after reading all info, I would be the first pt.

I have never been so sore. 3 hrs. later, my abd. was hanging down past my hips. I had pain for 6 months and also developed lumps in my abdomen, which took one year to go away.

I do not recommend this at all. My belly has never been the same, it hangs down, even with regular exercise and proper nutrition. This is advice from a nurse with 25 years expierence. Do not have this procedure. Also, I never seen any results on future patients.

I had liposolve done on my back in 2006 and I had so much pain and I now have briuses. I didn't get an results and the cost was 3000.00. I ache from head to toe and don't really know if this is maybe coming from the treatments is there anyone experiencing this. I would not recommmend this to my worst enemy. Don't do it it is not work it.
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