I Got Dented All over my Abs and Legs

...but like a dummy kept getting more injections...

...but like a dummy kept getting more injections thinking they will help melt the fat evenly ! but i got dented everywhere fat melted. I have spend lotta $ on endermology+vela smooth to smooth area and now i am left w belly and pitted legs and need leg lift and a tummy tuck

do ur research right and prepare that the worse may happen. It can! so be prepared to possibly risk. And...its painful trust me!

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it melts fat unevenly! f u already have lotta cellulite then go for it. f u have smooth skin, then be ready to dimple+dent!

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no I did not need a TT, they cant even do a TT on me. I am very picky and had slight skin laxity on abs when sitting down and wanted that to be tightened. Thats all and now I will pay for it for the rest of my life:( My lose skin is not enough for TT at all, so thought this may take care of it. Hope everyone learns from my mistake
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I suspect if you need a tummy tuck now, you needed one before. Lipodissolve won't make you need a tummy tuck. The need for a TT is do to weak muscles, though excess fat and loose skin will also be addressed. I wish woman would properly research this stuff before putting their bodies through invasive procedures, and yes injecting an agent into your body is invasive. Realself.com shows that 67% of people are not happy with the results. Ask a gambler if 33% are good odds...
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