Gortex Lip Implants Do Not Look or Feel Natural

Over 10 years ago I had a procedure I now regret....

Over 10 years ago I had a procedure I now regret. New at the time but no longer used, gortex strip implants for lip augmentation. I was told they would be soft kissable and not noticeable to myself or others (as in kissing or eating) but that’s not true. Since then they have formed very hard, unnatural capsules consisting of the gortex and scar tissue, and you can see the corners of the strips poking out.

Other people have commented on the visibility of them. I’m told by drs to go back to the original dr but he lives in another city so I wanted to know my options at least as far as my rights. By the way he did my rhino and I’m happy/would go back to him, just not for this.


Hi there, I also had the gortex lip implant in my upper lip 11 years ago.My scar tissue was massive in my lip. The implant is more towards the middle of my lip instead of the lip line. I took an all natural product to help dissolve some of the scar tissue but some of it still remains.I was hoping If I dissolved some of the scar tissue that it would look better and I could smile fully again. It did work some what but not like I expected. I still can't smile fully and to make matters worse. The skin above my lip, under my nose has stretched out over the years from trying t o smile. It had to over compensate for my lip not being able t o smile. It has gotten longer and wider and If It gets any worse I'll look deformed. I'm so full of regret, wish I could go back too.My fear is that it'll keep getting worse and worse over time and I'll look hideous cause it is still changing till this day. If I have it removed will cutting into my lip again t o retreive it create more scar tissue creating more retraction or will It look sunken in or rolled under? I think the remaining scar tissue if any will prevent this but I'm not sure. Can anyone help? Anyone had theirs removed with bad results?
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I have had several cosmetic procedures over the years, but the only one I regret is my lip implants. My lips were/are very small, and the doctor made an incision around my nose in order to "lift" my lips which changed the appearance of my nose which I liked very, very much. I told him I liked my nose and wanted assurance this procedure would not change my nose. He said no, and that is not true. Plus, what lips I now have are ugly, and my smile is awful. I did a lot of research before the procedure in 2005, and I felt comfortable with what I read and what the doctor told me. Now, I want them removed, but I have been told that my nose will remain the same, and that the area around my mouth will probably look worse than it now does. Oh, well. If only I could go back. I may not have had lips, but I had a great smile.
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I have kind of the same problem but with the mouth now instead of the nose. Contact me s o we can chat if you want.

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