Laser Hair Removal Works Wonders - Armpits and Bikini Area (Lumenis LightSheer Diode Laser)

I am extremely pleased with my laser hair removal...

I am extremely pleased with my laser hair removal experience. I am hairless (just about) on my armpits and my bikini area is miraculously transformed. Previously I was very self-conscious of my underarms because the dark hairs even when shaved, still left a shadow. I had to shave every day if I wanted to be sleeveless. But I always get these red bumps from ingrown hair follicles that are irritated. So I shaved infrequently. The bikini area was always a mess for me to deal with.

I strongly believe the hair removal success was due to the practioner's experience with the intensity of the laser AND my ethnicity. In my case, I had a R.N. who performed the treatments, and she is simply superb. She can tolerate the awful smell of burning hairs---I say that even though it's all my hairs that got zapped.

The nurse tells me that Asians' hairs respond very well to these lasers (I'm Asian). I had no burns and no scarring. Of course, it was uncomfortable even with the numbing cream. But I do have a high pain tolerance level. A note on the numbing cream: I have this strange delayed reaction to it, so after the actual treatment session, I get all numbed up in the area where the cream was applied for a few hours. Then it wears off.

I'm just so glad that I did my research and got a reputable office that was not too costly. I was afrad at first of the pain, but if you've been through childbirthings and know the temporary pain of plucking hairs off, it shouldn't be a big deal. I put $600 so far on the treatments, but it will be a few hundred dollars more when I get my bikini area fully under control.


Hi there, I know its been yrs since you posted this but I was wondering what settings where used? also you mentioned you are Asian, would you mind sharing what skin tone? type 4? I recently bought a package deal for Brazilian and underarms with light sheer diode HS, and I am olive to brown skin tone (Pakistani). I feel like the tech doesn't know what she is doing, I feel like she missed alot of the brazilian area, and only did the sides and top...didn't even do the labia, and she gave me no directions as to where to position my legs and she was awkward herself unsure about the placement of the piece... ( this is my first time getting this done; can someone tell me what is usually covered? when i went to the consultation she said it was up to me all or what not, i told her i want it all gone, so now i'm just left wondering is she not experienced?? or am i just jumping to conclusions...On my underarms she mentioned I am dense (I know that's what I am trying laser to get rid of it, but I mean I couldn't be the only one..I've been reading people posts and it seems like my hair is normal compared to others...after shaving I still have a shadow on my underarm area and my bikini area is the same (coarse dark hair)). Okay more to the point, she treated me with 4.5 setting for both my underarm and bikini area, no pain experienced on underarm, and a little pain (zapping feeling) in the bikini treatment no reaction...I am I going to be seeing any results??
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I think with just one treatment, much of the hairs do grow back. Some more hairs fall off if I recall correctly for up to 2-3 days after. Then they start growing back. I saw more permanent results after 3 treatments. But these laser treatments are so worth it for me, as I can wear sleeveless tops without embarrassment. I am a light- skinned Asian and I had very dense growth. Mary treated my labia but I am not sure if that's routine. She went beyond the call of duty, thank goodness.
Mary Roberts, R.N.

She is conscientious and pays attention to details. She aims to please her clients while not overcharging them.

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