Rhinoplasty : Swelling

Pros: no more bump, thinner nose, more refined tip...

pros: no more bump, thinner nose, more refined tip.

cons:swelling in the tip , down time from the gym.

Why i did it: I wanted to have My bump removed from the bridge of my nose, and for my tip to be generally smaller.

I had my rhinoplasty done one month ago. I was told to take 2 weeks off the gym. i took four weeks off. Within three weeks i was liking my result more and more. I had a follow up and the doctor said that swelling is still evident, but i am doing fine. i started back at the gym this week, lifting weights. I took a picture this week, and compared it to last week, and i feel that there is slightly more swelling in my nasal tip. Can i be causing permanent damage and permanent swelling?

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He is double board certified, with over 15 years in practice. He specializes in facial plastic surgery and rhinoplasty.

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Who did your surgery?
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I was sewing something yesterday - that requires concentration and strain - and my nose looked so swollen than before. So I agree with the first comment.
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who is u r doctor? Thanks
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I just had a septorhinoplasty about a month ago and I notice from day to day that swelling is different, depending on my activity level and what I eat...I have also done TONS of research and I found that many plastic surgeons say the swelling WILL go up and down and your final results could take up to a year or more. Don't sweat it (get it? haha) you're nose will be fine...there just aren't enough blood vessels and meat in there to resolve your swelling as quickly as you would like!!!
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