Mom Regrets Surgery, Still Has Numbness and Scarring

My mom had this done a few years ago and the...

My mom had this done a few years ago and the results were minimal at best. Not only that, but the description of the procedure she received from the 'sales girl' was less than complete.

You are awake for the whole procedure and the shots they use to numb the face are very painful - I can't imagine being awake while someone is cutting my face open! In my mom’s case, even after the shots, she could still feel it when they began to cut into her causing them to give her even more shots.

After the procedure, all she could do was cry and tell me how much she regretted having it done. Her recovery took several weeks and there was no follow up from the "Doctor".

In the end, she still has numbness and quite visible scaring behind the ears.

Please think long and hard before putting yourself through this procedure.

Name not provided

No post-op follow up. Poor results.

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I am so glad I found this site. I called and immediately the rep on the phone wanted to set me up with an appt today or tomorrow. I asked the name of the doctors and location. I googled the names the rep gave me and one of the doctors has a private practice in Newport Beach, California (a very upscale area). I then proceed to this site and am appalled at what I have read. If this is not false advertising and a scam, I don't know what is. I thank you all of you whose comments I have read. You have saved me, not just money, but a PAT of pain. I will just grow old gracefully or wait until I can get the procedure done by a reputable, safe, surgeon. Thank you.
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Laurie, Why not mention the Dr's name if he/ she is so good. It may stop people from getting into the wrong hands..
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I had my procedure done on 7/1 and am extremely happy.. I have referred my sister (who did hers on 7/15 and another friend that will be doing hers next month) Like everything else.. it all depends on the doctor. I did my homework, called references of those who had it done prior (with this particular dr.) and they too were happy. just my input.
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This shows one major thing. that the LSL does not only effect the person having the so called minimal procedure, but the family, friends and those close to the person. Those of us who chose to have the procedure as they call it not only paid a price but so did those who love us. Who have to live with us and see us endure this injustice.
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Please give Doctors name if still in practice. It is one small way of saving another from this pain, and unprofessionalism. I'd also stick around. I have a good feeling with all the pain and suffering this procedure is creating throughout the Country, there will be a class action suit very soon. Some of these doctors are getting big bucks to screw your face up, and Life style lift is a piece of that pie.It's a small compensation, but also another way of holding someone accountable, and getting this unsafe procedure off the market. Best of Luck to your Mom, and you.
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Welcome to realself. I hope your Mom is doing better now. Hopefully if enough women write reviews we can educate the other people considering this lift or at least get LSL to disclose ALL the information needed to make an informed decision. Had I had known what I was about to endure I certainly would not have done this to myself. Best, Chrystal
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