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Not Much Change and Still in Pain

I had my procedure done in Dallas several months...

I had my procedure done in Dallas several months ago and besides waking up the next day and scaring my roommate to death being covered in blood, there were no real problems. Then, I had to go in because there were holes behind my ears. Sat in the "recovery" office for about an hour...alone with staff walking through. The roommate finally walked in the back and everyone was just sitting around. Bad after-care. Found out the hole were for drainage. Could have been told this on the phone.

There was constant seeping of a clear, sticky liquid from the incision line and much itching and pain.

The worst part is, there is no noticable difference. my own family didn't even notice! In addition to that, I now have a lop sided turkey neck. My neck was fine prior to surgery.
I have tried to contact the office, but never get any response. From what I have read, I am not holding out much hope.

If there is a class action suit out there, count me in!

Dr. "H"

as stated above.

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I originally had considered lifestyle lift as I am 55 and looked 65 or older . But After reading the reviews I said no way. I went to a board certuified plastic surgeon and decided to get a face lift and a eyebrow lift and , my eyes and neck done. I had real expectations. I am happy with looking about 47 and now want to get some laser for my skin. But anytime you think you will have hardly any pain or brusing you better think again!! I had some discomfort. I also had a lot of brusing. I also had two drainage tubes in my face that drained fluid out. If you do not have this put in after your surgery and go home that way for a couple of days then something is wrong already. Also I have some scarring. but it is so very light now I can even wear my hair back if I want. I was out of work for a month because I own my own business. Also it took actually two months total to get rid of all the bruising and swelling. Their is rarley a quick fix for decent plastic surgery results. And their is discomfort and it does take quite awhile for things to heal. I was under general anasthesia. I could not handel just being numbed up. My doctor said he has heard horror storys about how bad lifestyle lift does your ears and all the scars that are left. So be care ful. Save up a little longer to get a good surgeon.And remember . To get a good face lift is serious surgery. It should never be done by a person who is not a board certified plastic surgeon. and it always takes at least a month or two to completely heal!The picture I enclosed is after my surgery. I looked 20 years older than this before surgery, with a turkey neck, saggy eyebrows, skin on my eyes was all the way down to my eyelashes and I had big droopy jowels. I am happy with the results and plan on some laser and some filler injections to complement it. Also they now have a filler for your laugh lines that is called "artfill" that last five years instead of 6 months!
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marcie am curious how much did your procedure cost.
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Hi Tex, just checking in with you. How are you doing now? Have you improved at all. Let us know. Best, Chrystal Eckes
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I'm so glad I found this post. I saw the infomercial and called for the brochure and ended up getting roped into making an appointment. I'm scheduled for my consultation with the aforementioned Dr. THIS friday, Sept. 25! Woo, just in the nick of time! Safe bet that I'm going straight to the phone to call and cancel right after I hit send. That you for your help.
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I do not understand how the medical and legal systems continue to let this company advertise and operate. I saw the infomercial this morning and decided to visit the website. Is this country okay with anything that makes money, and does not care about the health of people? It certainly seems that way to me.
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Hi and welcome to realself. I am sorry that you have had such a bad time with your lift. Many of us have but we have to keep on letting others know what we have been through. Thanks for posting your review. I hope you get to feeling better soon. Best, Chrystal Eckes.
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Chrystal, This is Sharron in Dallas, we spoke a while back. Did you know there is a class action against LSL??Some one called me and gave me the information to join. I am still in contant with the lawyer ..he states there is progress. It's not about the money for me, its about stopping this company, period!! Call me is you need the contact information. Sharron Bryant

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Thanks for the information. Will call. Best.
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