Look Like I Have Been Punched In The Eye

I had procedures done on my upper and lower...

I had procedures done on my upper and lower eyelids on July 11.2007. Plus I had the face done. I had to go back about 6 months later to have the lower lids re-done because the Doctor did not get out all of the fatty tissue. Well, here I am still with one eye looking like someone punched me and Lifestyle will not do anything about or will they refund any of my money. I even tried to resolve this through the Better Business Bureau and they painted me as some sort of person that would never be satisfied. The Doctor that performed the surgery on me is no longer at Lifestyle. The facility has also had a rather large turnover in office personnel just in the year and ½ that I spent in and out trying to get my right eye corrected.

Spend more money and go to a real surgeon. They do not stand behind their guarantee.



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What was your Doctors name.
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Hello D, and welcome to realself. Don't let those guys at LSL make you give up. Keep up with your photos and keep bugging them. I think after call number 5 they do whatever they can to stall, put off, appease, anything but offer to give you your money back. I had to go through the same thing and you are right about the guarantee. They will not honor it. AND, the reason they want you to go back to the surgeon that did your lift is he is the one that makes the commission. They do not want (LSL) to have to pay another surgeon to redo work already paid to another Dr. When you say it looks like you are punched in the eye, is it swollen or discolored? Can you post pictures? Best to you and I hope you find a resolution. Best, Chrsytal.
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Dr. Martin

I don't think he was as experienced as I was lead to believe.

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