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Lifestyle Life Ultimately Not Worth It - Revised with a True Facelift

I lived with my Lifstyle Lift for 3 1/2 years...

I lived with my Lifstyle Lift for 3 1/2 years before I had it revised with a true facelift. Over time, the scars got worse and very much visible.

I was told that Lifestyle lift is a skin lift and doesn't help muscles - for this reason my scars increased because the skin was being pulled as the muscles loosened. Also, the doctor gave me pixie ears which got corrected in the facelift. One side of my face was scarred and behind the ear was horrible.

All is resolved now and you can't even tell that I had a facelift! :)

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Are you sure about that price? That's very low? What's the name of the dr you had?
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the $3600 was for the LSL and tightening of the plastymal muscle under the chin with some chin lipo. FYI
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Hi Whirlwind, I also had my "LSL" in Atlanta. I also had to have the LSL revised by an ABCPS. He was great. I also wound up with the Pixie Ears and he also fixed that. Everything that my doctor told me, he did. I am glad that you found someone that could redo your surgery. Best, Chrystal Eckes
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My original surgery was 2 years ago. Four months later didn't seem to hold up, so 'the doctor'talked me into doing it a second time and this time doing another procedure as well(lipo of the couble chin and stiching). Why didn't they just tell me about that the first time around so I wouldn't have to go under the nife a 2nd time. What Dr. did you see for your real facelift?
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Congratulations on having the revision done and I am glad that everything worked out well for you! Unfortunately there are many LSL women that cannot afford to have the revision due to money issues and still paying on carecredit, etc. Many women no longer trust doctors after having the LSL, this is unfortunate because not all doctors are like the LSL doctors. I would like to ask you a question. The $3600, was that for the LSL? Best, Chrystal Eckes.
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Hi, Chrystal, I emailed you yesterday regarding a documentary I'm putting together on LSL. I am an independent journalist. I'm taking a very hard honest look at the procedure and I'm in need of some people who did NOT have a good experience with the procedure and why. I'm writing to you because you seem to be the best informed and very much in touch with folks who are disappointed with LSL. Any help you could give me would be very much appreciated. My ideal would be to talk to you directly and ask for your participation. Thank You, Brooke
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