Life Style Lift for Turkey Neck, Age 46

I did this almost two weeks ago. I am 46 and...

I did this almost two weeks ago. I am 46 and wanted rid of my turkey neck. You cannot go back to work in a week (ha). Thank God I work from home. The pain is more severe than what I thought it would be. My neck is very tight, I have a hard knot on the right side and have no feeling in my ear lobes. I am so very sorry that I let my vanity and insecurity take over my good sense. I cannot sleep and cannot move my head. My boyfriend does know I did this He came over after a week and asked why I was moving my head like a wax figure. I have a constant headache.

I am only two weeks post op and I know I still have time to heal, but to think someone can ripp your face apart and you feel great in a short time is a lie. My mother paid for this as gift for my birthday. I have no turkey neck, but no feeling.

Today if you asked me if I would do this I would be happy with my turkey neck at least I could feel my face. Please be advised this is not as easy as they advertise. They are your best friend before procedure after that good luck getting help.

Please tell us where you had the procedure done and who was your doctor....
I was wondering how you are doing today? I had a traditional face lift 12 years ago and thought at the time I was sorry. However later on I was very glad. No pain no gain I guess. I am thinking of doing the neck with lifestyle lift.
Hi and thanks for posting your experience. I also had the numbness and pain behind my ears. I have followed Mr. Bills progress and he seems to be getting better. I did not get better until I had my ears and eyes redone. This is not to say that you won't recover in time. I wish you a speedy recover and hope that the feeling comes back soon. Best, Chrystal Eckes.
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