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Latisse and Uneven Results

I've been using Latisse for five weeks and the...

I've been using Latisse for five weeks and the results have been mixed. My right eye's lashes are getting longer (had to clip two that sprinted out (1/8-1/4")in front of the others), but not thicker nor darker. My left eye has had minimal results leaving me with two different looking eyes. Has anyone experienced this inequality and if so, did it improve over time? Thank you.

My right lashes are longer. I suppose it relates to the potential growth of the lashes, which aren't necessarily identical. Probably, if we closely looked at our lashes before we began Latisse, we'd see the same disparity, but it isn't so noticeable on short lashes. I don't mind, though, since all my lashes are reasonably long. But I admit, they didn't get much thicker or darker.
I used Latisse for 5 months. The left lashes were noticably longer than the right.When I went to the maintance of 3 days a weak they became shorter!!! I went back to everyday, with no results. What's going on?? I hate to keep wasting money. Has anyone else experienced this??
same here, I've only been applying to the shorter eye lashes for 2 weeks and still uneven, anyone figure this out?
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