Have Used Lattise and Found out I Am Six Weeks Pregnant

Latisse works very well. I used it nightly for 2...

Latisse works very well. I used it nightly for 2 sessions. I did it to make my eyelashes longer. It did not discolor my eye lids.

I have been using Latisse. I found out I am pregnant. I just didn't think that it would be bad for my baby but now I am extremely worried. I have stopped using it but could I have potentially caused horrible side effects to my baby?
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It's actually made to go INTO the eye if you have glaucoma so you should be completely safe using it topically to the top lash line. However, I would definitely mention this to your OB/GYN just to be on the safe side. It never hurts to be too careful! Congrats!
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I wouldn't worry too much - from what I read from the clinical trial - you only get 5% of one drop solution. They just discourage using Latisse while pregnant because side effects have not been studied. Talk with your OB - but I really think everything will be fine. Stop using it until after delivery - and/or breastfeeding to be sure. smoking and alcohol are way, way worse - good luck! and Congratulations!!
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how can an eye medicine affect your baby? I'm not a doctor but I don't find any reason to worry.
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