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I had astigmatism before lasik surgery. I chose...

I had astigmatism before lasik surgery. I chose lasik because glasses gave me headaches & it was a pain to keep them cleaned and protected from it was annoying to switch from sunglasses to regular glasses when driving (I didn't have prescription sunglasses!). Contacts were also a pain...I never could get them in, and when I did, it always felt like they had trash on I decided to go with lasik.

I was scared to death during the procedure, but it was over in 15 minutes. You have to wear goggles for the next several hours and keep drops in your eyes every 4 hours because your eyes are so dried out. Your eyes feel as though they have a ton of sand in them and they water really badly for a few hours after surgery. Everything is still a bit blurry...but don't worry...your vision clears up a lot the next morning!

About a month after my procedure I went back to the doctor for another check up and he informed me that I had better than perfect vision! My vision is now 20/15!!! I don't regret this surgery at all and recommend it to anyone!


They do not put you to sleep. They put numbing drops in your eyes so you can't feel anything. You will only feel pressure from where they insert little cups over your eyeball to help hold it in place. When your eyes are numb you really can't move them around anyhow, so that way you won't mess-up the procedure. The doctor said that if you do accidently move your eye that the laser shuts off automatically anyhow, so it's pretty fool-proof. I would recommend that you ask for a prescription for Valium before the procedure. I didn't have any, but I heard that other people took it before their procedure and it helped calm their nerves beforehand. I was a ball of nerves & nearly ripped the arms off a stuffed monkey that the doctor gave me to hold on to. :)
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do they put you to sleep during the procedure? and if they do how do they do it by eye drops or vaccines to num u?
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I wish I knew for your information!! So sorry I'm not sure!
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Dr. Paul Harton

The doctor I used is rated one of the top lasik eye doctors in the country. He talks to you through every step and explains every single thing he's going to do so nothing is unexpected.

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