Laser Peel to Remove Sun Spots Made Hyperpigmentation Worse

I had 3 laser treatment on my face. Soon after the...

I had 3 laser treatment on my face. Soon after the skin color turned a dark brown within the area that was treated. Dr said that was because of hyper-pigmentation. I did it to remove sun spots on my face.

My question is: My doctor, a dermatologist, knew I had a hyper-pigmentation condition before the laser treatment. Should the doctor have performed this treatment. Next Question: Now how can I treat this huge dark brown spot on both of my cheeks? My skin was damaged by the treatment and has become very sensitive. What would you recommend to help me treat my skin?


I too have had laser treatment to remove brown spots on both my cheeks,and now the brown turning pink outside and dark inside the spots. I feel stress out and depress, it seems like some of these so called Dr's making it worst than curing the problem....They make you spend thousands of of Dollars 'till the bank is dry

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I'm not sure if this was photofacial, but when you have photofacial done, your age spots DO turn very dark. They come to the surface of your skin and slough off after about 10 days. Use zinc oxide based sunscreen to keep them from coming back.
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Hello I have the same problem, I paid more than $7000 CAD to remove two large spots on my face, First Doctor made a mistake by trying to remove a very smal two spots on my face by usin Azote, freezing methode, you know what after a day I looked like a cloone, went back to another doctor according to Montreal he is the best, I spent $7000 CAD and nothing happened The spots were red now black 2 cm Wow..... Have no idea anymore what to do...My wife upset as well my self, Thx for any help Ziad
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Be very careful. Some doctors just want you to spend money. You could use "Whitening gel".

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