Laser Tattoo Removal on Arm... Waiting to See Results

I have had three sessions of laser tattoo removal...

I have had three sessions of laser tattoo removal with absolutely no change in the appearance of the tattoo. The procedure is expensive and painful. I have several tattoos I would like to remove but I decided to treat one area first to try it out. I chose to address a large tattoo on my left arm. I was quoted $800 per session and to expect 8-12 sessions to achieve my desired result. We agreed to start with the lower portin of the tattoo for $150 to be treated every 6-8 weeks.

At my first visit, I was not offered any pain relief. I left there thinking, maybe my tattoo isn't that bad after The pain was 3x worse then getting the tattoo. I called the office and learned that they could use a cooling method during my next treatment to ease the pain. It didnt help much. I was very unhappy and ready to give up. However, I continued another session without change in the tattoo. Laser tattoo removal burns and feels like an intense and constant rubberband snapping at you. It stings for a few days thereafter. I bled during treatment. You must coat the wound with Aquaphor and cover it with gauzeto protect the area. Avoiding sunlight to the treated area is important.

I am disappointed to not see any fading but I expect this to be a long process. I learned recently that I can have lidocaine shots with tattoo removal at a cosmetic surgeons office in my area. I was SHOCKED to hear the price difference quoted. I was told $300 per session for the same large tattoo on my arm as well as two smaller ones and this includes the lidocaine shots. This is 3 tattoos removed for a fraction of what the last place quoted me for one. Also, this office uses better lasers. I am excited that now laser tattoo removal affordable and realistic for me.

I begin this week and I will update this review and post pictures. I HOPE to have good results. So far my experience has not been good but its too early determine how effective it is. I am committing to at least 12 treatments.

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      I have had a great...

      I have had a great result from my first session of laser tattoo removal with the switch yag laser. The entire tattoo on my shoulder has lightened in one treatment and many areas have faded dramatically. I am excited to finally see results. The second tattoo lightened slightly. The wounds are still healing. I have gone from oozing and bleeding to now just a deep itching and stinging sensation. I am hopeful!  


I did a bunch of treatments at a & e and was VERY unsatisfied. They use the Palomar nd yag laser which is great for tattoos, but the technicians are not proficient in using it. Depending on the color of your tattoo, it may not work. The technicians do not adjust the wavelengths of laser light for each color...and if you have a green/blue color in your tattoo that laser will never get it (It needs the 755 wavelength of an Alexandrite laser) Also, your first few treatments should see the most fading...and if your treatments are anything like mine you will see practically none. They started my settings at 2 mm spot size and if you do extensive research as I have done, you will find that only damages the skin. After all of my treatments and money spent at a & e, I am left with about 30% of my tattoo on top of scarring caused by the laser.
I just switched over to Farah dermatology. I have only had one treatment, but they give a dermatologist consult at every session and adjust the laser type, spot size, and wavelength based on the color of each area of tattoo. Also, they have a technician with extensive experience operating the lasers. Its more expensive because they don't do "package deals", but I wish I had spent my money with them from the start. Over the long haul it would of saved me money and frustration.

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Thank you for the replay. That news really depresses me as I do have green (leaves). I am now concerned I'm not getting treated by professionals so I will ask a lot of questions cone oct 4 (2nd treatment). I want to make sure she's adjusting the wavelengths correctly and how much of the green will be visible after all 16. I remember she did tell me she's starting off small waves so I can get used to it but I really want this off. I will keep you up to date and I'll also look into that place you mentioned. If anything, if it's faded a good amount I'll get an all black cover up
Im from Syracuse ny and had my first treatment done 2 wks ago at a&e laser spa on bridge st in east Syracuse. I haven't seem any fading yet. I'll ask the doctor what type of laser it is cuz idk it. I'm payin 2000 for 16 treatments on my chest removing a colorful rose that was a cover up
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I do recomend my current provider because they offer affordable treatment in a comfortable medical atmosphere. I was also pleased to see they offer lidocaine shots to ease the pain.

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