Softer, Lighter Skin, but Also Some Hyperpigmentation

Had Co2 ablative done a month ago. Doctor...

had Co2 ablative done a month ago. Doctor "forgot" to tell me I should on the second week of recovery use a skin lightener. Now I was told to become aggressive in the treatment of the hyperpigmentation. I am using Phaze 13, hydroquinone, and tretinoin. My face is so dry and flaky. The skin appears red still but the brown has faded a lot. Problem now is the redness is still red but brighter. How long will this redness persist? Make-up will not hide it.

pro: softer, lighter skin

cons: downtime, pain, weeping of skin,yucky feeling

why: refreshed appearance, softer sking, and wanted to wear less make-up.

results: one month out I feel I made the wrong decision. My face is bright red, hyperpigmented, and have streaks of red that cannot be hidden by make-up. I researched this laser and asked questions but feel I did not have all the facts. It was my decision so I take responsibility for this.

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He is a very good Doctor. He listens and makes recommendations. I have a high tolerance for pain this is the first time i have ever felt or known such pain in my life because of this laser. Every person is unique and will experience the same procedure in a different way.

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I agree with you mcast and paolaka. My dr. has given me 8% hydroquinone solution and still it hasn't work. Hyperpigmentation Whoppi is the darkening of the skin...makes your skin look "dirty" or freckled.
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thank you. I still have brken blood vessels on my checks, Hope they go away
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after 12 weeks I am still red and have a burning feeling in my face. I also have broken blood vessels there are small but there are there. What is hyperpigmentated skin
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Hi I know what you are going through. I had the re:pair procedure 11months ago, and I am still recovering. it took my face nearly six months to recover from the bright redness, and it still has a red tinge to it. Furthermore i was left with post inflammatory hyperpigmentation which is still present on my face. Hydroquinone does not seem to work, and I am all out of ideas. I dont think we are being told the truth ie down time , long term or even permanant side effects...
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yes thats the problem, my provider saids there was no way something will damage my skin , but now im hyperpigmentated, and dont know what to do, hydroquinone doesnt work for me either.
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