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Total FX for Fine Lines and Its Destructive Effects

I had Total FX on my face to eliminate fine lines....

I had Total FX on my face to eliminate fine lines. I was instructed to use Obagi skin care post procedure plus have another procedure to eliminate blood vessels around my eyes which were probably caused by using Retin A which I was told to do in conjunction with Obagi.

My skin was beautiful for being 50. Beautiful. 8 months after this procedure, my face is not healed. It's bumpy with small acne looking scars all over my cheeks. I have very large pores now on my cheeks and nose. This has been a nightmare!

I am desperately seeking advice on how this can be corrected. Is it possible?

What options are there for laser resurfacing gone so very wrong?

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Stay away from a "skin clinic" unless there is a reputable dermatologist or a plastic surgeon there. Ask a lot of questions. For some, the money they stand to gain from you outweighs their concern for your well-being.

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wow, my first consult was with a "Doctor" at one of those "skin clinics" in Scottsdale and Tempe area!!! I RAN from them.. if it sounds too good to be true, costs was almost too reasonable, but worse - I felt like I would be in like a "mill" for lasering! Found a great women Plastic Surgeon in Tucson, had full face lasering and extensive fat fill and I could not be HAPPIER! At 53 I too wanted some wrinkles gone, really needed more fat in face as I went "gaunt" etc.. She is the most concerned, caring doc I had a consult with and I never hesitated to plunk down the bucks and go for it! I know lasering takes TIME to heal, but you have given it enough (8 Months??) I hope you find a solution! If not please email me and I would be more than happy to tell you about the WOMAN plastic surgeon in Tucson (Maxwell Clinic) that did such a marvelous job on this "old lady" face :-)
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Well I wanted to fill you in on what I've been going through. Had Perfecta laser done but seems Affirm did a bit better for me. I couldn't wait any longer for improvement on some spots so I had a filler put in. It helped but it costs so much, I need more than one tube. So now I'm back to Affirm. I have a good laser guy & he doesn't want me going crazy doing all kinds of things, that my face is still healing from all the damage the erbium did. I've been using a derma cloth too. Still a way to go. Hopefully I'll look good by the time they lay me in my coffin. Girls with nice skin have no idea how lucky they are. If I did my life would be so different.
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I understand how you feel, I'm 55 & had erbium laser done in 07 to help with acne scars. Afterwords i was left with more scars only much worse,a dent with a brown spot and pigment change. At this age I just wanted to look smoother, brighter. Now i'm living a nightmare. Only go out if i have too. Nothing covers scars. I've tried Fraxel, nothing, smoothbeam, nothing. I'm on my 4th affirm treatment. Seems to help a bit but i need many more. Can't believe at this stage of my like my skin is worse than a teenager. Waited so long to finally do something and regretting it now. I've even looked into needling. Tried it and it works just as good as some of the lasers only cheaper. Let me know if you find anything & I'll keep you posted if the Affirm does any better. Asking about filler the next time in. Laser takes so long to see any results & afer 21/2 yrs I'm tired of waiting to see even a smigin of results. Love this site, I thought i was alone.
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