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Pros: (TBA) Cons: Extremely painful - causing...

Pros: (TBA)

Cons: Extremely painful - causing uncontrollable shakes, crying, heart rate, lose of breath or ability to talk, pain strikes your face but sharply travels around your skull and down your spine.

Why: microdermabrasion, chem peel, and trinity wasn't very effective and staff convinced me that RF Matrix was the next best step.

RF Matrix - what can do for pain? How do I find...

RF Matrix - what can do for pain? How do I find out if my technician is certified and working the equipment correctly?

LOVE the laser. I'm 58 years old and just had my third. I could tell such a difference after the first two- minimized pores, less breakouts, etc. I know it takes time to see results as far as wrinkles go. I'm so not going to have plastic surgery! This hurts really bad, sure, but you get over it and get good results. An aesthetician gave her mom a deep peel for her 60th b-day and her mom refused to speak to her for a month. After a month, she was so pleased.
I just received my 3rd laser treatment. They went deeper this time. Yeah, it REALLY hurts, but I breathed deeply and they applied tons of ice to my face (did left side- applied ice to the left while the right was done, etc) and then ice cold towels until I was comfortable. I shook too- from shock- and they walked me down to my car. Came home and took valium and benadryl, iced some more and fell to sleep. I'm on my 3rd day and alot of the dead skin is gone- I'm red of course. But, because they were so diligent about applying ice during and right after, the discomfort after was minimal. I loved the results after the first two...my pores are so much smaller, I break out less, etc, plus I know it takes times to heal and see results.

This is also my third try. I did experience some benefit initially, but still not enough. Thank you for telling me about the ice. I'm going to bring soft ice packs with me to the doctor's office.

Please let me know if you had your whole face done, or just specific areas. I am having it done for some correction due to basal cell surgery on my face. The doctor said that he would be willing to do some other
areas if I point them out prior to the procedure. He said that he would do whatever I would like done.
What do you suggest?

I am leaving in two hours to the doctor. Please get back to me and give me your opinions. I appreciate

Thank you.

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Never pay for a package of more than one session.

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