Profractional Laser Treatment - One Year Later Not Happy

I'm a 52 year female. One year ago I decided...

I'm a 52 year female. One year ago I decided to "freshen up" my skin with a profractional after reading all about it on line, and talking to a doctor. My skin was pretty nice, and I wish I had left well enough alone.

Dr. gave me 3 choices, light, medium or heavy treatment. I chose light so I could go to work on Monday. The procedure was not really painful. I had a "sunburn" for a couple of weeks, but no one really commented, it really just looked like a sunburn.

One year later, my skin is now "crepey" around the eyes and mouth, and when I smile, there are lines in my cheeks when I smile which were not there a year ago. My skin texture was so much nicer prior to the procedure. I wish I had never done it.


This happened to me to plastic nurse! What can I do about this!! I am so desprate!
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I agree completely. Many technicians claim lasers will stimulate collagen and thicken the skin. I think it is the exact opposite. Especially with thin aging skin.
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I had profractional laser done with a micro peel a few years ago. Loved how it evened my skin tone and melasma at first, but now I find my face bleeds easily and wounds are slow to heal. My skin seems very thin. Thank goodness I did not do under the eyes as they suggested. I also have issues with acne now at 42 years of age!
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