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Because I want to tighten my skin and reduce a few...

Because I want to tighten my skin and reduce a few fine lines, I had a fractional (Lutronic Mosaic 1550) non-ablative laser treatment on my face two days ago (today is day three).

I was expecting to be red and swollen for a few days but was in no way prepared to look like I do today! I have brownish/reddish squares in a grid pattern all over my face and am VERY swollen. I've been reassured that this will heal with good results but, I must admit, I am a little nervous. I have been icing and moisturizing regularly and have done nothing strenuous. Yet I still look like someone took a hot waffle iron to my face! There is NO WAY I can leave the house... seriously, no way!

Has anyone else had this treatment with these results? If so, how long did it take to heal? Are the dark marks completely gone? I rated my overall satisfaction as good but, honestly, it's too soon to tell. Thanks!


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How are you feeling/looking now? I'm having the treatment done in a few days and I'm scared! /Johanna
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Here's a related thread that might help (it talks about Fraxel, which is another brand of fractional laser): Grid marks on forehead after Fraxel treatment

Make sure you keep your skin moisturised (some RealSelfers recommend Aquaphor) and stay out of the sun. Good luck!

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