Ourbreak After Laser Peel

I had a laser facial and two days later I had a...

I had a laser facial and two days later I had a large herpes break out. My face is a mess.

How long will it take to resolve on outbreak on Zoviras and Valtrex?


My doctor had me take Valaycyclovir immediately following the peel She said she had had an experience with another patient and recommended doing this. I'm in Day 3 and so far no problems.
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It's unfortunate that you had this outbreak after the laser peel. Have you had herpes outbreaks before? If there was ANY history of herpes or coldsores, your doctor should have put you on medication prior to doing the treatment as a preventative measure. This is my doctor's standard procedure. As for resolving your current outbreak, check with your doctor about upping the dose of meds, stay out of the sun and wind, and hang tight for a couple of weeks. Good luck!
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