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I did this bbl treatment to treat my acne, I was...

I did this bbl treatment to treat my acne, I was told it would clear up my face and id only have 2 hours of down time, it is now 24 hours later and I'm still in "down time" i recommend this procedure because i do think it works, BUT i also recommend telling the doctor to do it very mild regardless of what they think. Also prepare for a veryyyyy painful experience.

I have had pretty bad acne since 7th grade and i am now a junior in high school, I've been going for the last couple years getting peels and etc. yesterday I got a bbl laser treatment and they did my whole face at level 10, It was on fire (even with icing) all night I woke to find water blister all over my cheeks and forehead, my forehead also has big brown blotches, and when i went in today to show them,they told me "oops next time we wont do it as hot" should i be concerned with the dark spots? my doctor told me that its on the superficial skin and wont scar. If anybody knows about this please tell me anything that might be useful ...thanks so much!


I'm not a doctor, but I had the laser procedure done and was told the bumps are called "shock milia" and should go away in a few weeks. It is basically collagen/dead skin trapped beneath the skins surface and should resolve itself when your cells turn over. Mine has lasted about a week so far but it can take longer to resolve completely I guess. It is from the heat. I initially had dark spots that came to the surface then flaked off. My aesthetician told me its fairly common, about 1 in 5 people's skin responds that way
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