Laser Lipo to Get Rid of Post-pregnancy Belly

I had a big tummy and abdomen after my pregnacy,...

I had a big tummy and abdomen after my pregnacy, and decided to go for laser lipo with aspiration. It seemed such a great option.

After the laser, the dr is supposed to put in an aspirator and suck out the melted fat. He seemed to be having problems, and finally said that my type of fat was too thick to be aspired. He said that the results would be the same but would take longer.

Can it really be that '' my type of fat ....'' because i suspect that the aspirator was not working. Besides I still paid the price I had been quoted pre op. Should this have been reduced since there was no aspiration?


How are your results now? If you aren't happy with them I would raise a ruckus and make sure you get your money back, or if your willing to trust the Dr., get another procedure for free. Throw up some pics for us to help out.
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I feel really bad for you! Did you check this doc out first? No doubt that you should have gotten what you paid for...which doesn't seem the case..??
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