Lightsheer Laser on Asian Skin

I had a course of 8 Lightsheer treatments on my...

I had a course of 8 Lightsheer treatments on my face and neck. I am of Asian decent and was assured this laser was safe so long as I wore SPF 30+ every day and didn't tan between treatments. I wasn't excessively hairy anyway, but wanted not to be threading so much as this was resulting in breakouts. I was happy with the first few treatments where the hair growth seemed to decrease and my skin felt smooth and glowing.

The subsequent treatments didn't leave my skin so great though. I felt, where I was wrinkle free before, I had suddenly developed wrinkles. Nothing too noticable, but I noticed them. Also I felt my pores were larger and more visible. I'm pretty sure this was due to the heat setting being too high. My skin was pretty resilient and wouldn't go red or swell too much after the treatments so I think my clinician felt she could increase the heat each time, even though my skin would react afterwards - which I did inform her about.

Does Lightsheer laser cause wrinkles if set on a high heat setting? I feel I have wrinkes on my forehead and under my eyes a little too. Said to promote collagen, I think it's possible it has the opposite effect if set too high and depletes collagen resulting in wrinkling.

Thanks for all the info. I'm glad to know you're using a good toner. Tomato has a lot of vitamins but I'd cook them, because cooking them allows for better absorption of the tomatoes' lycopene (it's a good antioxidant) in your intestinal tract. Also eating papaya (juice or raw) and pineapple is good, and take plenty of Vitamin B-complex (B6, B12, etc) with biotin supplements. These are excellent for promoting skin growth/health, hair/skin/nail health as well.

I currently use a toner by Simple, which contains witch hazel, chamomile and no alcohol and suits my skin quite well. Thanks for the chicken soup idea - never heard of that one! Though I do eat plenty of tomatoes, which I believe is a powerful antioxidant containing plenty of Vit C. Have you heard of Dermaroller treatment (also known as Collagen Induction Therapy or Micro needling)?? It's for the treatment of wrinkles and pitted acne scars etc. I've been doing some research and it sounds like an excellent alternative to the more invasive fraxel laser treatments. Needles, no longer than 1.5mm (longer needles could damage skin) are used to promote collagen growth in the skin naturally. There's virtually no down time and often only 1-3 treatments are sufficient. The collagen formation takes time (3-6 months or so) but continues over time resulting in firmer youthful looking skin. There are plenty of rollers on the market, some longer than the recommended 1.5mm length, but the best thing to do is probably go to a trained physician. I'd personally go with the Genuine dermaroller.

No problem... glad to help... the glycolic acid helps to peel away the skin... doctors recommend the sunscreen, but I try to stay away from sun exposure as much as possible either way. Also, to reduce your pore size, try using toners with witch hazel in them but NO alcohol ( has a good one, it's called Acne care no alcohol toner). To promote collagen re-growth to fill in the wrinkles, this is just an idea, but you may want to try making/eating chicken feet soup because the soup is high in collagen. Skip the topical applications of collagen, the key is to get your body to internally get collagen to those places on your face. Hope this helps, peace
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Reduced hair growth but not sure of long term effects on skin. Fear of looking old and wrinkly before my time. I'm only 30.

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