Gentle Yag Skin Reaction Still Lasting After 4 Days

I recently had my third laser hair removal session...

I recently had my third laser hair removal session on lower legs, after two pretty successful sessions with lightsheer. I had to switch the clinic and the new clinic used gentle yag.

I had no reaction to gentle yag, until a few hours after the treatment. Now it's been four days and my skin is full of dark red spots (around the follicle), that are slightly raised ant itchy. Is this a normal reaction, or something I should go back to the clinic for? Is there anything to speed up the healing process?


HI i just wanna know can i go for q- switched nd yag laser on my face my dr. told me to go 4 q switched as it improve my skin comlexion in just 2 sittings is it true thats all i wanna know ..
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I can attempt to explain a connection. When I started using an epilator on my arms, I noticed it would remove the hair but leave slightly darker-colored skin rings around the hair follicle. Not incredibly noticeable, but the skin would be pigmented darker around the hair follicle. So my guess is, since the laser targets the dark pigment (melanin) of the hair but also can target the skin, it may have "burnt" the surrounding darker "ring" of skin pigmentation around the hair follicles due to epilating. Or, your skin could be experiencing inflammation of hair follicles, and I would recommend using a very gentle, oatmeal-based body wash, but not necessarily Aveeno-- check instead for an oatmeal/goat milk body bar either online or in stores, or simply soak your legs daily in cool water with oatmeal (first grind the oatmeal, then add it to hot-warm water, then wait for the water to cool, then dip your legs in it, or apply it to your legs with a damp and clean washcloth). And try to take anti-inflammatory foods before getting laser done, and even afterwards. There are lists of anti-inflammatory foods if you do a web search. And lastly, consider switching to diode or a laser center with an experienced, certified laser specialist, who will know the right settings to use for your skin, and explain that you epilated before. You should not epilate for atleast 7-8 weeks prior to laser treatment, I believe. Make sure there are no left-over ingrown hairs or scars due to epilation, before going in for laser hair removal. Best wishes
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I too have still got bright red spots on whole of area below the knee 8 days after first session with similar laser! The area affected corresponds to where I normally used an epilator. Can anyone explain if there's a connection? Rest of body had no reaction at all.
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