Confused As to Whether my Surgery Was PRK or LASIK ??

I chose PRK because I wanted to avoid the flap...

I chose PRK because I wanted to avoid the flap issue, and I understood the pros/cons of the procedure. Now, I am confused about whether I actually had PRK or LASIK. And, I'm not sure how to approach my doctor about the issue.

This is a question regarding PRK. Last month, I underwent what I believed to be PRK (at least that's what I wanted). However, on the "Operative Report," there is no mention of the term PRK or (photorefractive keratectomy). However, in the pre-op paperwork and post-op paperwork, "PRK" is present. My mother, who was watching the procedure says that the "VISX" machine that was used for the CustomVue treatment listed the procedure as "LASIK" during my procedure. So, my question is this- how can I be sure that I received PRK treatment and not LASIK as the machine and "Operative Report" indicate? The operative report also indicates that "Physician has specified a LASIK Treatment, Superiror Flap." I chose PRK because I wanted to avoid the flap issue. Please advise. Thanks.
The VISX laser printout is meaningless, and is often wrong, because there is no way for the surgeon to choose what procedure was performed. I own a VISX laser myself, which I bought for $500,000. What is says on the printout depends on which version of software the machine is running. The fact that the printout says LASIK when you had PRK is meaningless. I testified in court as to this exact issue last week, because some idiotic plaintiff's lawyer was trying to use the VISX printout to "prove" that the surgeon performed the wrong procedure. I am certain you had a PRK. Just ask your surgeon. He will not be mad, and will just explain things as I did. But you should have had a LASEK or epiLASEK in my opinion, not a PRK, as those are the advanced versions of PRK that were invented at Harvard when I was a resident, and are thus called Advanced Surface Ablations to distinguish them from the non-advanced PRK. PRK is more painful and heals more slowly than the newer ASA procedures, but as long as you don't scar, the results are the same. So don't worry, you'll be fine!
The operative report for custom procedures will usually say LASIK, as the CustomVue procedure is FDA approved for LASIK. As surgeons, we will perform CustomVue PRK procedures as well, off label. I would speak with your eyeMD if you have any concerns about the procedure that you underwent.
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