Laser Gensis and Microdermbrasion Fails for Cystic Acne Scarring.

7 treatments and i see little difference after 8...

7 treatments and i see little difference after 8 months. I also had micro-dermabrasion done before each laser genesis treatment. Still red, still uneven skin tone.The procedures were done correct and professionally which is nice but ; Lots of wasted money. Fabulous.

I've had 7 microdermabrasion treatments with laser genesis over a series of months recently, and my skin still is sunken in from cystic acne scars. I have done a plethora of other treatments through the years as well to no avail. My skin looks the same as it always did after years of all these treatments - Is there any hope left?

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Nothing wrong with who performed it, it just didn't work for me personally.

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Co2 or Fraxel REPAIR. Everything else is a waste. of. money. !!
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Sounds like you have depleted the skin's lipid barrier with all that micro dermabrasion - stop having that done, not good!! Exfoliation once or twice weekly is all that should be done :)
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Yes, theres hope! Subcision, dermal fillers and Co2 or Fraxel REPAIR! GOOD lUCK!
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I've had fraxel repair. Same results, none. Yeah good luck , seems to be what i'll need (and lots more money). Thanks.
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