Had a Few Sessions Already. Seems to Be Helpful

It seems to be helpful. But I am not sure if I...

It seems to be helpful. But I am not sure if I received enought time for each session. It has been less than 10 minutes each time.

I had a few sessions already. Each Laser genesis session only takes about 10 minutes or less. Should it be longer?


I had the same issue. My treatment at a med-spa took only 9 minutes. Fortunately, I had had one treatment by a physician before the one at the spa and knew it was a problem. I had purchased a package of 6 treatments for a greatly reduced price and I think they were trying to shorten the treatment to recoup the fees lost to the discount. I did confront them and the manager did not count that first treatment as part of the package of six treatments.
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Good for you Govgirl61 :)
Wow, laser genesis should be about forty five minutes to an hour. With esthetician licensing in FL. and CO. and fifteen years of practice under my belt .. I would know. Please find yourself a new laser treatment center that will give you your full treatment time.
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