Rhinoplasty to Build Up Nose Bridge (Seoul, Korea)

I underwent an open rhinoplasty four years ago...

I underwent an open rhinoplasty four years ago come this August. I had what the doctor called a retarded nasal bridge--meaning basically that I didn't have a bridge at all. I had previously had a very small nose with almost no bridge, and the surgery basically built a bridge (with silicone) and elongated my nose. The doctor used ear cartilage for the tip.

I had the surgery at the urging of family while I was abroad in Seoul, South Korea with a very reputable doctor.

The nose is fine and looks natural– no uneven spots or any droops or bumps. The tip, however, is unnaturally hard. It doesn't hurt when touched, but should it still be unyielding?


would b appreciate if u could provide me the name of the doctor, hospital and website. thank you so much.
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i'm thinking of going to korea as well this month but not sure to waht surgeon to go to. i would very please of you can give me your reccommendation. thanks!
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Hey, Can you tell me your doctors name. I'll be going to Seoul soon. Or, if anyone reading this knows where I can get the nose tip cartilage sewn together. It's a splitting bulbous tip.
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Name not provided

quick, well respected, not too expensive

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